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About Application

The application serves for solving Engineering Structures by the Direct Stiffness Method (also known as Displacement Method or Matrix Stiffness Method). It makes linear static analysis of displacement and stress of plane Bar Structures. Teachers and Students can use it like an interactive teaching aid thanks to possibility to show all vectors and matrices used during the Structure analysis. Interactivity of the Application is mainly given by automatic resolving of the Structure model after arbitrary change.

solution is done ;)


If you want to download this Application, continue to download section. There is available current version and history of updates.



This is platform-independent Java Application. If you want to use this Application, a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your Platform. You can download it from different sites and there is more than one producer. The original JRE is from Corporation Sun Microsystems, Inc. and can be downloaded from page


  1. Download ZIP file.
  2. Unpack it anywhere you want and choose your language version.
  3. Be sure you have installed JRE, see part System
  4. Execute file mafodem.jar


Your reports about functionality and correctness of the Application are welcome. Use discussion or send them please by the e-mail to the e-mail address listed below.

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